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Gabriela Carone from Buenos Aires, school founder and director

Gabriela Carone, founder and director

José Carone, milonguero from the Golden Era of Tango, from whom Gabriela learned her first steps as a child

    Gabriela Carone is a native Argentine teacher of Tango. She grew up with it in her hometown of Buenos Aires, learning first from her father (see picture below) and then from many of the masters, including Pepito Avellaneda, Rodolfo Cieri, Carlos Gavito, Pedro Rusconi (Tete), Graciela González, Pablo Verón and Gustavo Naveira, and has performed and taught the tango all over the world. For more than 15 years, Gabriela has developed her own method of teaching the tango of her homeland, based on balance, musicality and connection with your partner, and takes pride in teaching all levels, from fresh beginners for whom she has a special heart, to advanced dancers and professionals, many of whom have been marked by Gabriela’s influence in their dance and teaching style. With a strong background in yoga (in the tradition of the famous El Sendero School, Buenos Aires), and a degree in Music from the Conservatorio D’Andrea, Buenos Aires, Gabriela is an academic philosopher who has published with Cambridge and Oxford, among others, and has been the recipient of numerous international prizes and awards, having recently held Professorial Fellowships from Harvard and Princeton University, where she taught Argentine Tango. She conceives of her philosophy and tango projects as interrelated. 

    In Colorado, Gabriela has been a pioneer. She was the first Tango instructor to offer regular weekly classes at Kakes Studios Boulder, which she opened in 1996 (when she moved to Boulder to join the CU Faculty as a Philosophy Professor) and has sustained there since, and at the Mercury Café in Denver (where she started Friday nights and continuously taught tango for six years, before she left for Princeton), having featured as a Master Teacher at the prestigious Colorado Dance Festival and the Dance Department at the University of Colorado at Boulder – even the CU Tango Club must acknowledge Gabriela’s mentoring and inspiration during its birth and first stages. On her return from the East Coast in 2005, Gabriela resumed her classes at Kakes Studios in Boulder and started her own Tango project in Denver, recently crystallizing in the opening of her own dance studio, Gabriela Tango.

    In Argentina and abroad, Gabriela’s style has been described as “divine” and her dance as “poetry”, “hard to tell whether it’s more beautiful when leading or when following”. Gabriela brings her own musical and philosophical understanding to the teaching of the dance, which emphasizes technique, creativity, and communication of emotion between the partners. Her bio has been selected for inclusion in several editions of the Marquis Who’s Who in America. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn from a native the soul and spirit of the authentic Argentine Tango!

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Hosted and Directed by Gabriela Carone 
from Buenos Aires

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