Gabriela Tango
The Argentine Center for Tango in Colorado
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Gallery Exhibits and Special Events

  Current Gallery Exhibition
Buenos Aires Tango Artists

Pilar Fundamental
Daniel Fulco, 2009

Tango al Son de un Bandoneon
Cristina Ramos Siri, 2004

Bajo la Luna
Daniel Fulco, 2008

Tango Sobre El Empedrado
Cristina Ramos Siri, 2009

Boleo by Guillermo Alio

Tango de Arrabal
by Guillermo Alio

Milonga Ideal Classes & Dance
on the 2nd Sunday of the month
at 3220 Federal Blvd - we're ON November 12!
5:30pm beginning/all levels
6.15pm intermediate/advanced
7pm-10pm: Milonga Ideal (Dancing with a Pot Luck Dinner and much fun!!)
Admission: $10 for the dance or $15 night pass.
Info:, 720-452-4777

A great opportunity to learn, have fun and socialize in a lovely environment. Feel free to bring something to share but there is no obligation!

Special Workshops in Boulder Saturday, November 18 in November
at Kakes Studios, 2115 Pearl St.

5:30pm beginning/all levels
6.45-8pm intermediate/advanced
Admission:$15 for 1 class or $20 for both classes drop-in; or $10 for 1 class/$15 for both classes pre-paid.
Info:, 720-452-4777

A great opportunity to learn, have fun and socialize and specialize in a lovely environment. Topic TBA!

Milonga Bootcamp Classes & Dance --TBA at 3220 Federal  Blvd Denver!

Watch out for an Immersion Evening in Tango and its lively cognate, the Milonga, with 2 intensive workshops followed by a Dance Party:
Milonga Lisa: 5.30 -6.30pm
Milonga con Traspie: 6.30-7.30pm
Dance Party: 7.15 to 10.15pm
$15 for 1 or 2 classes; $10 for the dance; $18 night pass

Group Trip to Buenos Aires - projected for 2018 

We are currently considering May or November. Please email Gabriela with your preferences at and join this amazing trip to the Mecca of Tango, featuring intensive instruction with Gabriela and native legends, 7 night hotel accommodation (breakfast included) in the heart of the city within walking distance to all major attractions, attendance to dance clubs virtually every night, tango show, sight seeing, attendance to Museum/s and art fairs, and more! Spaces are limited- to secure your spot send your $300 deposit today. 

 For information call 720-452-4777